Cost Effectively Restore Your
Vehicle’s Showroom Shine

Startech is a revolutionary vehicle paint restoration and scratch removal system for your car.

Using Startech it’s possible to bring neglected or badly damaged paint back to a brilliant shine without the costly exercise of re-spraying.

It’s all achievable in a fraction of the time and cost of conventional methods, too.

Why Choose Startech for Auto Paint Restoration?

  • It’s Paintless
    Our technology doesn’t use paint so there’s no mismatch of colour, just a seamless auto scratch repair.
  • It’s a Permanent Fix
    Rather than just covering a scratch with silicon based products which wash out, Startech restores the life back into the paint.
  • We’re Vehicle Scratch Repair Specialists
    At Startech, car scratch removal is what we’re dedicated to, it’s not a side service, so you can be sure we do a thoroughly good job.

Areas We Service:

- Christchurch

With more to come soon

Cost effective auto scratch repair

Then to top it off we make it all so easy by coming to you.

Get a finish that others struggle to get, contact us today.

What the professionals say about Startech.

"We have been using Startech for nearly 10 years now simply because the product and service is superior to anything else out there.

In many cases Startech repair paint damage and save us needing to repaint the vehicle. Prior to committing to paint repairs we contact Startech to assess and remove any scratches or give the car's paintwork a birthday present restoration. As a dealership we have saved thousands of dollars in re-conditioning costs due to the effectiveness of the product. 

From a minor scratch to a full buff we would have no hesitation in recommending Startech for private or commercial callouts" 

Seth Ovens
Sales Manager
Team Hutchinson Ford