Protect Your Vehicle’s Shine with Startech

Guaranteed for 12 Months

Startech not only provides vehicle scratch repairs, but also protection to help prevent damage. Our paint protection service involves applying a Teflon coating to the painted surfaces of your car.

This coating can prevent damage from acids in the rain which can eat at vehicle paintwork, as well as stubborn marks sometimes left by bird, um, ‘deposits’.

First we buff the car to get it nice and smooth, then coat the painted surfaces.

This way it not only protects the outside of your vehicle, but also makes that showroom shine last and last.

What will it cost?

Usually around $300 +GST, though if you require some paint restoration on your vehicle prior to the coating then that is additional, and depends on the extent of the work.

We’ll always discuss everything in full and assess your vehicle to provide an accurate price. To protect your vehicle, contact us today.

We Come To You

Talk to us today about bringing the shine back to your car.

We’ll come to you for an assessment or repair.

In most cases we can be there within a week.

Areas We Service

The wider Christchurch area with more areas around NZ coming soon.

Long lasting car paint protection

What the professionals say about Startech.

"We have been using Startech for nearly 10 years now simply because the product and service is superior to anything else out there.

In many cases Startech repair paint damage and save us needing to repaint the vehicle. Prior to committing to paint repairs we contact Startech to assess and remove any scratches or give the car's paintwork a birthday present restoration. As a dealership we have saved thousands of dollars in re-conditioning costs due to the effectiveness of the product. 

From a minor scratch to a full buff we would have no hesitation in recommending Startech for private or commercial callouts" 

Seth Ovens
Sales Manager
Team Hutchinson Ford